Recent projects

Some freelance jobs and startups I've recently been involved with


Freelance Senior React developer

Stealth startup

Next-gen home marketplace platform

Refactored over a dozen React components spanning across different parts of the app. Implemented new features and fixed bugs. Helped identify painpoints in the codebase and suggested tangible solutions.

Co-Founder, COO


Virtual events with personalized activities

Had a major role in company operations and the product lifecycle. Led crucial product decisions on 3 MVPs. Helped facilitate user feedback and all product iterations.

Founding Engineer

Your space for work and play

Created spatial audio software at a fast-paced venture backed tech startup. Had a key role in development of both the MVP and industrial-ready web app, including major design decisions of the core app and custom style library.


Freelance React developer


MLOps Platform for Enterprise and Edge

Refactored and optimized existing React components using in-house style library. Completed advanced problem-solving tasks such as complicated bug fixes. Created brand new Documentation site for public facing API.